Venal & Grabbit arrange family law tweetup

Venal & Grabbit are proud to announce their first family law tweetup. This exclusive event will take place at The Gitz luxury hotel in The Strand, London, with gourmet cuisine provided by five-star chef Heston Blumenheck.

Entrance to the tweetup will cost a very reasonable £500 per head, a sum which V & G assure attendees does not include any profit element, and is purely to cover the cost of organising the tweetup.

The event will be sponsored by leading family law chambers 1 Crooked Orifice Row, Temple. Any business interested in advertising at the tweetup should contact Venal & Grabbit for details.

As Senior Partner Edgar Venal says: "Great organisation, good food, a splendid venue and, for the rest of you, good company, assuming I can be bothered to attend."

Please note: Plebs need not apply, although ever actually having used Twitter is not a prerequisite for attendance.