Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Edgar Venal Family Justice Narration

Eager as always to 'give something back', Edgar Venal has agreed to share his perspective on a career in family law, by answering a few questions for our 'Family Justice Narration':

Where do you fit in to the family justice system?

I am the country's foremost divorce solicitor, senior partner at leading firm Venal & Grabbit.

What do you do in a typical week?

Bill about £20,000.

Why do you do the job?

The money.

What do you like about the system and what do you not like?

I like full-blooded litigation, no holds barred. Mediation and other types of ADR are for wimps.

How do you see the family justice system?

It's a cash cow.

What is an important influence on your work?

The money.

How do you combine your family with your work?

Both my wife and my mistress understand that my fee-earning comes first.

Will you be doing this job in ten years time?

No, I will be retired to my villa on Mustique.

What are your ideas for change?

Well, I will be increasing my charging rate each year.

[With apologies to Pink Tape.]

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