Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Practitioner Essentials: Keeping up with the case law

Looking back through recent issues of my Family Lore Focus Newsletter, there are usually about half a dozen new family law cases reported each week. Obviously, some law reports should be read in full (the Supreme Court decision in S (a Child) being a recent example) and I will try to flag those up in Practitioner Essentials, but clearly there isn't enough time in the day for the busy practitioner to read the full report of every case, whilst simultaneously keeping up to date with other news and articles, and doing the day job.

Thankfully, there is help at hand, and it doesn't cost a penny (provided you have internet access - which, as you are reading this, I assume you do). Family Law Week provides regular quarterly updates of case law in various areas of family law, freely available on their site. The latest of these is the Finance & Divorce Spring Update 2012, which "deals with cases involving the severance of joint tenancies; modest assets; non-disclosure; pre- and post-nuptial agreements; pre-acquired wealth; piercing the corporate veil; guidance on procedure and dealing with third party claims." Save yourself the time, and let the experts tell you what you need to know from the recent case law.

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