Sir Paul Coleridge to launch Marriage Foundation this week...

...patrons include Baronesses Deech, Shackleton and Butler-Sloss.

Sir Paul Coleridge: 'End the scourge of divorce' - The Telegraph, 30th April 2012


  1. and you have nothing to say about this, john? how can this be? my baroness deech allergy has kicked in already.

    1. While I fully accept that a happy and stable marriage-or other family relationship-is good for children,I am not sure how you actually "promote" it.

      a] carrot--and it would take a lot more than a teeny tax allowance to affect major life choices
      b] stick--and there is the suggestion that divorce should be made more difficult. I doubt that those currently going through this traumatic process feel that it is either easy or cheap.And should procedural rules be used as a mechanism for social engineering anyway?

      Ironically the withdrawal of legal aid [to which at least some of the founders are rightly opposed] will act as a disincentive to going to court, though that will still leave problems festering and unresolved.

  2. carrot or stick??? really??? that's all you got? what about superglueing people together for the really hi-tech solution! you may say it's stupid, but they started it.


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