Friday, May 11, 2012

BLEAK SPOUSE: Chapter 11 – Lady Wedlock

GRIM GRANGE. John Jaundiced has decided that the children Clint and Chantelle spend far too much time in front of their PlayStations, so he asks Prissy to take them for a walk in the countryside around the Grange. The request does not go down well, either with Prissy or the children, but John is adamant.

The three young people don their best Nike Air-head trainers and head off into the nearby woods. Soon, however, they are quite lost, as their mobile phones are unable to obtain a GPS signal.

They wander around for what must be minutes, before they are arrested by two burly security guards. Unbeknown to them, they have strayed into the grounds of Wedlock House, and tripped an intruder alert.

The guards take the hapless wanderers to the House. They would normally be brought before Sir Basildon but he is still away on business, so they are brought before Lady Wedlock instead.

As Lady Wedlock descends the stairs to where Prissy is waiting in the Hallway with the children, Prissy thinks her Ladyship looks agitated about something, but Lady Wedlock soon gathers her composure.

Her Ladyship looks at the three youthful captives, pausing momentarily as she regards Prissy.

"Where are you from?" She asks. Her tone suggests she already knows the answer.

"From Grim Grange, Your Ladyship." Replies Prissy, thinking that there is something strangely familiar about Lady Wedlock.

"I see, and how did you come to be in the grounds of Wedlock House?" Asks Lady Wedlock

"We were just out for a walk - we got lost." Says Prissy. She wonders whether she has seen Lady Wedlock somewhere previously.

Lady Wedlock turns to the guards. "I don't think we need detain these young people." She says. "Let them go." She swiftly disappears back up the stairs.

There's something about her. Thinks Prissy.

As the children are escorted from the house, there is a commotion behind them. Another security guard is manhandling a young woman out of a side entrance, and the woman is screaming at him in a language that Prissy does not understand.

What Prissy does not know is that the woman is the au pair Elena Brezhnev. She is also unaware that whilst her husband has been away, Lady Wedlock has found a love note from him to Elena, and has assumed that Elena has seduced him. Lady Wedlock has therefore dismissed Elena from her employ, before Sir Basildon has a chance to stop her.

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