Sunday, May 27, 2012

This post has nothing to do with family law

A kind of madness is gripping the nation...

I certainly didn't watch it, but last night millions across the country joined in the annual celebration of musical mediocrity that is the Eurovision Song Contest. I read this morning that Sweden won - well, at least they are actually in Europe, I suppose. As for our sad entry, surely the way it fared is a hint that perhaps it is time we took a stand for good music and boycotted the competition.

Next weekend we will all witness the nauseating spectacle of her subjects fawning over one of the wealthiest and certainly most privileged women in the World. That this country still has hereditary monarchy in the twenty-first century is surely a mark of how backward we really are, but it is particularly poignant that in such difficult economic times such a lot is to be spent on celebrating an institution that already costs the taxpayer so much. Perhaps people just want a party to help take their minds off things, but I certainly won't be joining in.

Meanwhile, the Olympic torch carrying circus continues to wend its merry way around the country, stopping people from carrying on their normal lives wherever it goes. I thought that the idea was that ordinary people would get a chance to carry it, but I see that celebrities who have no connection either with the Olympics or even with this country are not missing the opportunity for some cheap publicity. Still, it was good to see that some of the carriers are entering into the true Olympic commercial spirit by selling their torches on eBay...


  1. Northern Lights27 May 2012 at 12:48

    Agreed, John. There is something sickening in the fact that a public and government who spend so much time bashing benefits claimants and immigrants and cutting public services are geared up to spend a fortune celebrating a family of genuinely dodgy immigrants and a large retinue of hangers on who have lived in style off the state for generations. They have been doing it for centuries before their common subjects even had a welfare state.
    In a parallel universe, they'd make a great Daily Mail "outraged" story.
    I remember the last jubilee and there was something good to come out of it- a certain Sex Pistols single, which is probably due a cynical re-release.
    I can't believe you managed to watch the Eurovision Song Contest for long enough to feel sick, John........

    1. I didn't watch any of Eurovision - one minute would have been enough to induce nausea.

  2. Northern Lights27 May 2012 at 16:45


    I caught about a minute or less of it whilst channel hopping and it was more than enough. I was confronted with the sight of what looked like two cabbage patch dolls wrapped in bacofoil, wailing tunelessly and realsied it was the entry from my parents' native Ireland.
    Rory Gallagher must be turning in his grave.

  3. glad to see that you didn't allow experiencing eurovision to cloud your judgment of its deficiencies. somewhat lady chatterley, non?

    speaking as someone who also didn't waste any of my life researching the issue, i'm sure you are right though!

    1. You don't need to look at a turd to know that it's shit!

  4. I love blogs like these. They really are a remarkable insight into the mindset of middle aged or retired male solicitors. Anyway - I thought Law Society Gazette won last week's prize for alienating the most people with a poorly written, politically inspired article which was disrespectful to the Royal Family. That article was hastily removed as soon as the Gazette realised the problem it could cause.

    Still, no need to worry about that here. If the above comments were an attempt to provoke to drum up more readership, it does not seem to have had the desired affect. I doubt if there are that many readers besides you and 'Northern Lights'(who is probably you anyway) You also mentioned humour on this site. Would you please direct me to it? I am really having difficulty finding any. Thanks in advance.

  5. "There is something sickening in the fact that a public and government who spend so much time bashing benefits claimants and immigrants and cutting public services".....

    Northern Lights

    Nothing sickening at all. The government are merely cutting back on the waste caused and the abuse of the system by the feckless and their lawyers. I know you lawyers are upset about the cuts in legal aid because many of you make a living from generating false and spurious claims on behalf of claimants. Well, that little avenue of revenue will hopefully be closed off in future. Perhaps you might have to earn a living instead of sponging off the taxpayer to fund your ridiculous claims.

  6. Troll n. an internet user who sends inflammatory or provocative messages designed to elicit negative responses or start a flame-war.

  7. Northern Lights5 June 2012 at 15:20


    You really are great craic when you get going. Do let us know when you're going to start.

    John, are you me?

  8. Northern Lights5 June 2012 at 15:48

    Now I'm confused too. I suppose it comes with middle age.......
    Back to one of the themes in your O/P, that jubilee concert line up was a bit pants, wasn't it?
    If it's not too disrespectful to say so........



      Actually, I didn't watch any of it...

  9. Northern Lights5 June 2012 at 16:01

    Well, I saw about 5 mins of it myself (Tom Jones- how sad is that) so you can't be me, John.
    Mystery solved.

    1. Excellent!

      Hope you make a full recovery from viewing 5 minutes of Tom Jones...


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