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A community of marital property regime?

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Pre-birth paternity tests

Mid-life crisis

News Update: 26th June 2012

Impressive anti-cheating ring

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End the misery today, and get your next divorce half-price!

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Edgar Venal admits "terrible error" over tax avoidance scheme

Break the circle

Law firm helping to combat climate change

News Update: 19th June 2012

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What fathers really want

Happy Father's Day!

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Healthier than a pint of ice cream!

Charon QC podcast with Natasha Phillips

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Now THIS is how to announce a wedding:

The Family Justice Modernisation Programme: Fifth update of Mr Justice Ryder

Of course...

Sweet Dreams

Co-operative Parenting consultation launched

Press release: Consultation on involvement of both parents after separation heralds change


Consultation on Revised Safeguarding Statutory Guidance launched

News Update: 12th June 2012

Mini Anniversary, by 5secondfilms

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Now with added search

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You couldn't make it up...

Brief summary: HMRC v Charman


Pain relief

It's not ALL nonsense around here...

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BLEAK SPOUSE: Chapter 14 – An Unappealing Case