Friday, June 22, 2012

BLEAK SPOUSE: Chapter 17 – Near Wedlock House

UNDAUNTED by her previous experience when she was arrested by Lady Wedlock's security guards, Prissy has taken to walking alone in the countryside around Grim Grange and Wedlock House, primarily as a means of getting away from Clint and Chantelle, who are always fighting with one another.

Of course, Prissy doesn't like the countryside so much that she can manage to go for a walk without listening to her MP3 collection on her iPhone.

And so it is today as she is walking along a woodland path listening to the latest X-Factor boy band sensation, No Direction. As a result, she does not hear the footsteps behind her and jumps when a hand touches her on the arm.

Prissy turns and is relieved to find that the hand belongs to Lady wedlock, who smiles back at her kindly. She removes her earplugs and returns the smile, once her expression of shock has gone.

"I'm sorry if I surprised you, my dear." Says Lady Wedlock, in a reassuring voice.

"That's alright, My Lady," replies Prissy, "I was listening to some music and didn't hear you coming." She waves her earplugs at Lady Wedlock, by way of emphasis.

The pair carry on walking in silence for a few steps, then Lady Wedlock speaks again. "It's actually quite fortuitous that I have bumped into you." She says.

"Oh?" Replies Prissy.

"Yes," says Lady Wedlock, "there is something that I've been meaning to tell you."

"Oh?" Replies Prissy.

"Yes," says Lady Wedlock, "something very important."

"Oh?" Replies Prissy.

"Yes." Says Lady Wedlock, wondering if Prissy has reached the limits of her vocabulary. "I think we should sit down first - there's a bench just along the path."

The pair carry on walking in silence. Once they have reached the bench and are safely seated, Lady Wedlock continues: "I will come straight to the point." She says. "I am your mother."

"Oh!" Exclaims Prissy.

Lady Wedlock goes on to explain the circumstances of Prissy's birth. She says that she was working as a high-class prostitute when she met Larry Lizzard, who was then a high-flying City banker. They formed a relationship, and Prissy was the result. She decided that she couldn't keep Prissy, so put her up for adoption.

"Of course," says Lady Wedlock, "all of this must be kept secret."

Prissy was actually already contemplating selling the story to a national newspaper. Lady Wedlock, however, has anticipated this. She explains that she has only told Prissy her story now, before Prissy decides to find out her parentage herself, and that she will make it worth Prissy's while to keep quiet. She also says that she will make life extremely difficult for Prissy if she does not keep quiet.

"Oh." Replies Prissy.

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