Monday, June 04, 2012

It's not ALL nonsense around here...

Family Lore Focus - my serious alter ego
Quite a few people seem to be unaware of what I do, so I thought I would point out once more that I do actually do some things that those interested in family law may find useful, rather than just spending the whole of my time producing nonsense.

The serious 'services' (if you can call them that) that I offer are all based around Family Lore Focus. They comprise links to free family law resources on the net, and are aimed primarily at family law practitioners, although they may be useful to anyone with an interest in family law. They include:

Family Lore News - Contains links to family law news stories and legislation, gleaned from every reputable source of which I'm aware, including family law sites, general law sites, newspapers and news sites, UK Parliament, government department sites and many others.

Family Lore Case Digest - Links to the latest reported family law cases (including full reports and summaries), coming from Bailii, Family Law Week, Family Law and others. You can search for older cases, either using the search function, or by subject.

Family Lore Articles - Links to family law articles that I think will be useful to practitioners, sources including Family Law Week, Family Law, the Law Society Gazette and others. Articles can be searched for directly, or by subject.

Family Lore Blogs - Highlights what I consider to be the most useful blog posts for family lawyers that I come across (including, occasionally, the odd post that I write here). Again, includes search facilities.

(All of the latest news, cases, articles and blog posts can be found on the front page of Family Lore Focus.)

Family Lore Focus Newsletter - A free weekly email summarising the best of the above, for you to peruse at your leisure, from the comfort of your own Inbox. You can subscribe to the Newsletter here.

@familylaw Twitter feed - Now with over 4000 followers, @familylaw 'feeds all news items, cases and articles from Family Lore Focus on to Twitter, thereby providing a convenient way to stay up to date', as I said in a previous post.


  1. Northern Lights4 June 2012 at 10:34


    I haven't seen any "nonsense" here (not posted by you anyway)
    There's lots of witty and quirky stuff which is great ( and some great music) but all the useful, informative stuff is there too; much more than on other blogs which lack the humour.
    Keep it up.

  2. I never doubted you for a second, John (or should that be, "Sir John of Family Lore-dom")? ;-)

    Down with these naysayers, I say!!! How very dare they doubt your ability to produce "serious" content... (and reams of it... you put us lightweights to shame!!).

    1. Certainly not 'Sir' anything - I will not accept any honour (except for cash)!


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