Thursday, June 21, 2012

Law firm helping to combat climate change

I have received the following press release from Messrs. Venal & Grabbit, Solicitors:

London, 21st June 2012: Leading law firm Venal & Grabbit are at the forefront of the fight against climate change, says Senior Partner Edgar Venal.

"Our clients will be pleased to know that we have implemented a range of measures that demonstrate environmental responsibility and will ensure that the planet is safe from global warming." He said.

Those measures include:

Recycling/ Resource Use

  • Prohibiting staff from using the drinks vending machine, to reduce the use of disposeable cups
  • Limiting the use of the firm's disposeable pens, by requiring staff to use their own
  • Taking away waste bins from desks and making staff put their waste in their pockets
  • Starting to compost all correspondence received from the SRA
  • Recycling old computer equipment by selling it to local charities
  • At Christmas, asking people to send us donations rather than cards

Paper Use

  • Rationing staff toilet paper (both sides should be used)
  • Printing internal documents on the back of used stamps
  • Collecting and re-using name badges after events and meetings where possible*

Energy Use

  • Minimising energy costs by turning off heating in staff areas
  • Requiring the accounts department to use abacuses rather than computers
  • Requiring staff to use candles, rather than light bulbs

Transport use

  • Saving time and inconvenience by requiring other solicitors to come to meetings, rather than go to their offices
  • Providing staff with high-interest season ticket loans
  • Partners sharing their cars with their chauffeurs

When asked whether their divorce clients were really bothered about climate change, Edgar Venal said: "Oh yes, the first thing they ask us is whether our divorce service has a smaller carbon footprint than our competitors."


Law firms' collaboration helping to combat climate change - Law Society Gazette, 21st June 2012. See also here.

*Note: I couldn't possibly parody this one.


  1. Long overdue I say.

    Most SRA correspondence is so full of crap it can be applied directly to flowerbeds. ;-)


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