BLEAK SPOUSE: Chapter 21 – Pursuit

WEDLOCK HOUSE. Since hearing the truth about Lady Virginia, Sir Basildon has been researching high net worth divorce cases on the internet. He does not like what he finds. In particular, talk of wives being awarded huge settlements and of London being the 'divorce capital of the world' because of the amount that wives can receive there have worried him enormously.

Accordingly he has decided that, despite the advice that Edgar gave him, the only way to avoid financial ruin is to effect a reconciliation. He will therefore offer Lady Virginia his forgiveness, and ask her to return to Wedlock.

But he must find her first. He has no idea where she has gone, and she's not answering her mobile phone. Who can find her for him?

He knows there is only one man for the job.

He therefore contacts Inspector Gormless. He tells Gormless what has happened, and that he has decided to ignore Edgar's advice and seek a reconciliation. He instructs Gormless to find Lady Virginia, and tell her that he forgives her.

*            *            *

At the offices of Messrs. Venal & Grabbit, Solicitors, Edgar Venal is working on an article he is writing for Practical Family Lawyer entitled “How to overcharge divorce clients without them realising”. Like all ambitious lawyers, Edgar has always understood the value of writing articles for shameless self-promotion.

To aid his concentration, he is sipping a cup of Kopi Luwak coffee.

He is interrupted by the phone ringing. His secretary Brunhilde tells him that Inspector Gormless wants to speak to him. Curious as to what the Inspector may want, Edgar takes the call.

"Mr Venal?" Asks the Inspector.

"Yes," replies Edgar, "what do you want Gormless?"

"I thought I should tell you that Sir Basildon Wedlock has instructed me to find Lady Virginia." Says the Inspector.

"Oh, why's that Gormless?" Asks Edgar nonchalantly, assuming that Sir Basildon just wants to locate Lady Virginia so that the divorce papers can be served on her. He takes another sip of his coffee.

"He wants a reconciliation." Replies the Inspector.

Edgar leaps forward from his chair, spitting the coffee across his desk. "He what???" He exclaims.

"He wants a reconciliation." Confirms the Inspector. "He says he wants to forgive Lady Virginia."

Edgar's heart sinks. He could be about to lose out on the most lucrative divorce of his career. With a great effort, he regains his composure and thanks Gormless for giving him the unwelcome news.

He puts the phone down and stares once more at the firm's motto on the opposite wall of his room: "The one great principle of the English law is, to make business for itself."

He must change Sir Basildon's mind.

But how?