From the Archives: 23rd July 2006 - Personally, I prefer Marlboro

Charon QCDuring a mercifully quiet period for family law news, I thought I would take the opportunity to recommend a law blog that I recently added to my blogroll (don't you love blog terminology?). The blog is Charon QC, who describes himself as "a lawyer, after a fashion", although he does not practise. As for the title QC, he says he awarded it to himself "when the Lord Chancellor suspended the award for real lawyers". I like him already. I hope he doesn't mind me using his picture here. Not all of the posts on Charon QC are law-related, but who cares? For example, he has a category devoted to 'George Dubya Bush', always a source of amusement, provided you're not on the receiving end of one of his military 'adventures'.

Just one thing Mr Charon: my blog is called 'Family Lore', not 'Family Law Solicitor', as in my URL! (I originally called this blog 'Family Law', but the URL familylaw had already been taken, so I chose familylawsolicitor, although I soon changed the blog name to 'Family Lore' in any event.)