Judge is 'with it' shock

The news I read today that Judge Birss QC is sufficiently 'with it' to determine that a Samsung tablet is not as cool as an Apple iPad puts me in mind of this wonderful Not the Nine O'Clock News sketch:


  1. Judge Birss is pretty well grounded in his field, which happens to be mine. Whether it is objective is temptingly irrelevant, as his precedent may well allow us to cut the "fertilizer" from a good many proceedings. Great that it received so much pulicity. In the field of family law, the recent case in which the judge told the parties to stop squabbling like little children revealed a similar grounding and desire to reduce ordure. In my experience, such grounding is the rule rather than the exception. As for the NTNON sketch I really can't say, having no experience in the field of pneumatic partners ;-)

  2. One wonders what features the super deluxe model might sport.


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