Mr Justice Ryder’s report on Modernisation of Family Justice published

Mr Justice Ryder's final report on the Family Justice Modernisation Programme has been published today.

Key points:
  • The single Family Court will be the vehicle for a significant change of culture characterised by strong judicial leadership and management and evidence-based good practice
  • The single Family Court will be a network of Local Family Court Centres judicially led and managed by the Designated Family Judges, where all levels of judge and magistrate will sit as Judges of the Family Court
  • The effective management of judicial resources will help to reduce delay by better deployment practices which improve continuity and listing
  • A framework of good practice will highlight materials which are to be used to improve outcomes for children
  • Robust case management of public law cases is dependent on a timetable based on evidence and compliance with that timetable and the directions given by the court
  • The immediate challenge is to develop effective methods of assisting self-representing litigants in private law cases, while maintaining fairness to all parties
  • Self-representing litigants will need to be assisted to understand and comply with the procedures which are necessary to achieve fairness in financial remedy cases
  • The High Court’s unique jurisdiction will be preserved
  • Consideration should always be given to how the voice of the child is to be heard in family proceedings
  • The judiciary have made their proposals for the modernisation of family justice and are working with HMCTS and Government to make arrangements to implement change
The full report can be read here, and there is a news release here. You can also read an article about it in the Law Society Gazette, here. In addition, there is now a summary of the report on Family Law Week.


  1. Alas for “good intentions” ! I forecast children who wish to be heard will still be “represented “by a solicitor or guardian who will say the child is happy in fostercare when in fact the child is begging to return home.Litigants in person will continue to be given “special treatment” ie a tongue lashing from the judge with threats of replacement by the “official solicitor” if they do not find one themselves , a contemptuous disregard for anything they say and a refusal for them to help choose the expert.
    A summary of the situation and remedies follows:-
    UK parent “victims” of secret family courts frequently have their newborn babies and young children taken into “care” for « risk of emotional abuse » or one sole instance of a superficial bruise .They are then jailed if they protest publicly that they have committed no crime and are being punished only for what some highly paid expert (often sent into court by an agency habitually used by the ss) thinks they might do in the future !

    1. Parents have no chance of resisting when legal aid lawyers inevitably advise parents to “go along with social services” and not oppose interim care orders .Pregnant women menaced by social services (the SS!) are quite free to leave the UK and go to Ireland (no passports needed?)N.Cyprus (no extradition), or other more civilised European countries to avoid this and are strongly advised to do so.. As L.J.Thorpe admits “ there is nothing more serious than a removal hearing because the courts are so prejudiced in proceedings thereafter.” Children are likely to suffer far more abuse ,both physical and emotional in” care” than with parents as nearly half end up either in prison or as prostitutes, and hundreds disappear never to be seen again ! Family torn apart in 15-minute court case by Judge James Orrell …

    The older children have their mobile phones and laptops confiscated ,so letters and phone calls to families are prevented in order to isolate these children in care and stop them communicating with friends and relatives(Murderers and rapists are allowed better treatment than this !).Conversation at contact with parents is strictly censored so that no mention of the court case or coming home is allowed otherwise contact is stopped.

    Hundreds of babies (needed to top up official local authority adoption score cards) are sent for adoption by strangers against the will of their parents(FORCED ADOPTION) and often lose contact for the rest of their lives; not only with their parents,grandparents,and other relatives, but also with their siblings.Mothers who love and have never harmed their children but who speak to them or even send them a birthday card in defiance of a court” non molestation” order have been jailed for up to 3 years.In cases of father v mother the “ss” will often take one side and persuade the judge to order the losing parent to have “no contact” of any kind with their child. Prison is the punishment if a single word,email or phone call is exchanged between parent and child.No court should have the power to make such an order if a parent has committed no crime against the child or the other parent.

    The remedy is simple.The family courts should be governed by the same rules of procedure as the criminal courts.”NO PUNISHMENT WITHOUT CRIME”,”Innocent until proved guilty” “No hearsay admitted except under exceptional circumstances”,the right to call witnesses including children,and experts for a” second opinion” “, “hearings by jury” in the most serious cases,and the final abolition of “FORCED ADOPTION”.

    Recently however “the National Fostering agency”,founded by social workers a few years ago,and one of many such agencies responsible for recruiting fosterers and adoptive parents, was sold for £130million ! Social workers,lawyers,guardians,experts,and judges! Birds of a feather flock together and all in various ways have “snouts in the trough ! While that sort of money is being made by all concerned, changes to the system will be a long time coming !

    1. I haven't read all of that (I began to lose the will to live after the second paragraph), but thank you for your view anyway.

  2. Northern Lights1 August 2012 at 14:12


    Ah, that feels better.

    (I knew that extra portion of samosas was a mistake)


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