Something for the Weekend: Deep Purple - Child in Time | Live 1970

This week I lost another small part of my adolescence, with the untimely passing of Jon Lord, keyboard player with Deep Purple. Here is my small tribute, a song that showcased Lord's skills and was recorded when the band were near the height of their powers with, in my view, their best line-up (and about the time I first got to know of them). I would advise turning the volume up, but listening to this kind of stuff at full volume was what gave me tinnitus...


  1. you should've chosen "lazy".....that's the one for me

    1. :-)

      Perhaps Strange Kind of Woman would have been more relevant to some readers of this blog...

  2. Northern Lights21 July 2012 at 13:38

    Didn't know Jon Lord had died, John. Coincidentally, I just bought the remastered "Made in Japan" last week. Saw them live in Australia in the early 80's on their first reunion tour.
    I love this track and Ian Gillan can reproduce that vocal live.
    That entire album- Deep Purple in rock was stunning and it still sounds good.
    I think it was seeing Motorhead live 3 times as a teenager that damaged my own hearing.

    1. :-)

      Ah, Made in Japan. Great memories of listening to that (at full volume, of course).


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