BLEAK SPOUSE: Chapter 25 – The Close of Edgar’s Narrative

MUSTIQUE, two years later. Edgar Venal is relaxing with his mistress beside the swimming pool of his new, larger, villa 'Slaver's Plantation'.

He takes a sip of his mint julep and reflects upon what has happened over the last two years.

The Wedlock divorce has been even more lucrative than the Lucrative divorce. Far more lucrative, in fact. Thankfully, it has been fully contested by both parties (with a little encouragement from Edgar), so the costs have been every bit as enormous as Edgar had hoped.

Edgar's biggest problem has been working out what to do with the fortune he has earned from it. Besides buying a new villa, he has invested in properties in several other countries, added to his fleet of luxury cars and opened a few new offshore bank accounts.

Life, in short, has been good.

He sips his mint julep again and watches as the sunlight dances across the water in the pool.

He smiles at the cliché.

Edgar's reverie is interrupted by the ring-tone of his mobile phone (recently changed to Edgar's new favourite, Take the Money and Run). It is his secretary, Brunhilde, calling from the office.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, Mr Venal," she says, "but I have some news that I thought you would want to know."

"Go on, Brunhilde." Says Edgar, intrigued to find out what can be worth disturbing his vacation.

"We've just had a call from Allan Plastic." Continues Brunhilde. "He says he can't bear being married to Prissy any more, and has instructed us to commence divorce proceedings."

“Excellent”, says Edgar, rubbing his hands, "you were right to disturb me."

"Enjoy the rest of your holiday." Says Brunhilde.

"Oh, I will, thank you." Edgar replies, ending the call.

He takes another sip of his mint julep.