Discontinued Olympic Sports: Wife Toss


  1. Northern Lights2 August 2012 at 11:23

    I can happily say that I haven't seen a single event yet and have no interest in doing so.
    The Olympics are supposedly all about tradition so I think they should bring back Christians and lions, myself. Many of the so called "skills" celebrated, such as running, jumping and swimming date from a time when we had to be good at them to escape from wild animals. Why not inject a little realism? We may not have bears and wolves in the wild anymore but we could improvise with pit bull terriers.
    And what about gladiators? I know there is the trifling matter of HR concerns but we'd probably get away with it by only using Daily Mail readers.
    This could be turned into the greatest reality tv show on earth and could be just what is needed to kick start the economy.

    1. Sounds good to me! (I have also not watched any of it, not even the opening ceremony.)

  2. My intention of at least watching Chris Hoy (family connection!) at the opening ceremony was foiled when the electrics in the internet tent at Cambridge Folk Festival caught fire. So the only sport to be had was toss the blanket and playing tunes with "fire" in the title. I hear even Mr Bean and the LSO joined in too.


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