AT THE OFFICES of Messrs. Venal & Grabbit, Solicitors, the Partners are in the post-room opening and sorting the morning post.

"I see a local authority is considering taking legal action against a website that threatens to 'expose' social workers by publishing their names and photographs online." Said Mr Grabbit, as he ripped open a large envelope with particular gusto.

"Yes," replied Mr Venal, "it's that same bunch of nutters who 'expose' judges."

"And Guardians." Said Mr Grabbit, dispatching another item to the junk-mail bin.

"And, worst of all," exclaimed Mr Venal, "they 'expose' solicitors!"

"Appalling." Muttered Mr Grabbit, as he placed an invoice from the firm's stationers on the 'This can wait' pile.

The pair continued their work, the silence only broken by the odd curse when a letter opener ripped its contents as well as the envelope.

Then Mr Grabbit piped up again.

"You know," he said, " we should start a website exposing clients for their crimes against lawyers!"

"Excellent idea, Mr Grabbit!" Exclaimed Mr Venal. "We could name and shame clients who don't pay our bills promptly!"

"And those who ring up and insist on speaking to you, even when your secretary has told them you're not available!" Said Mr Grabbit.

"Yes, and how about the clients who have the timerity to question the advice you give them?" Said Mr Venal.

"Quite." Said Mr Grabbit, shifting the post from his pile to the trainee's pile.

"You know," said Mr Venal, "perhaps the people who set up these sites aren't nutters after all..."