Special Post of the Month Award: BabyBarista

Just when you think that Tim Kevan must surely be running out of ideas for new BabyBarista posts, he comes up with another great one.

The legal money tree discusses easy cases where, in the words of HeadClerk "on the whole, your only real obligation is to turn up, look smart and pick the fifty pound notes from the tree one at a time."

It is enough to warm the cockles of Edgar Venal's heart, and wins another of my special Post of the Month awards (even though we haven't yet reached the end of August).

Incidentally, and not for the first time, Tim refers to my local county court at Chatham (Medway) in the post (usually used when he wants somewhere grotty for a character to go). And is the 'grumpy judge' a certain someone before whom I used occasionally to appear?