Venal & Grabbit Expecting Golden Olympic Legacy

I have received the following press release from Messrs. Venal & Grabbit, Solicitors:

London, 13th August 2012: Now that we are basking in the broad, sunlit uplands of the 'Olympic Legacy', we can all look forward to a better future, say leading divorce lawyers Venal & Grabbit.

With this return of confidence, Venal & Grabbit are expecting a surge of new divorce work, with all of those who previously held off getting divorced for financial reasons now deciding to go ahead. For example, Venal & Grabbit fully expect the Legacy to remedy the problems in the housing market (along with all of the country's other woes), so that couples will no longer have to stay together simply because they can't sell the matrimonial home.

Senior Partner Edgar Venal said: "Now that the horrors... er, I mean 'wonders' of the Olympics are behind us, we can, thanks to the saintly Lord Coe and his small band of LOCOG members, expect a better future for the great 'Team GB' and all of her divorcing subjects. In fact, you could say that never in the field of marital conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few."