Law Makers: Professor Eileen Munro, CBE

Professor Munro
I will begin this series of posts giving short biographies of some of those involved in the making of new family law with an obvious choice: the author of the review of child protection that carries her name, Professor Eileen Munro, CBE.

Eileen Margaret Munro was born on the 21st of October 1950 in Cirencester, Gloucestershire.

She originally qualified as a social worker, a job she practised for a number of years, before pursuing an academic career. She studied philosophy and completed her PhD in The role of scientific methods in social work.

She has published books on child protection (including Effective Child Protection (2008)) and numerous articles in professional journals. A study of child abuse inquiries that she undertook was taken up by child protection services in several countries.

She is currently Professor of Social Policy at the London School of Economics.

In June 2010 the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, and Children and Families Minister Tim Loughton, asked Professor Munro to conduct an independent review to improve child protection. Her Final Report was published in May 2011 and contained fifteen recommendations, most of which were subsequently accepted by the Government.

In February 2012 Professor Munro took up the role of Transitional Chair for the College of Social Work’s Children’s Faculty.

Professor Munro has considerable media experience, in both television and radio.

She received a CBE in the New Year's Honours 2012, for services to children and families.


  1. Although I agree with many of Ms Munro's recommendations....I would say that she has failed to engage any of the sector leaders and politicians to enact them in a meaningful way...her report looks like gathering dust on the ample shelves of parliament dedicated to worthy but problematic reports....the problem being lack of resources and money to fund them.

    If Ms Munro has highlighted various important issues the most important one is about the value of social work in our society....and in that respect the cowardice and weasel words of those who ought to know better has demonstrated that there is no recognition....or even acknowledgement of the value of the role and function of a frontline social worker.

    Social Work is in intensive care...with a Do Not Resuscitate note on its chart....but the government still pats the head and gives out sweets in the form of prizes and awards to the social work elite.

    It is striking that Ms Munro gets her gong for "services to children and families" when as an academic she will have not been engaged in face to face social work for some considerable time....I cannot understand why social workers should accept these seems directly contrary to the notion of equality....but not to inflating one's opinion of oneself and enhancing one's chance of fame and celebrity.

    There is one registered social worker who is in charge of a very well known organisation....who does not put the initials of his social work qualification behind his name but he is also a Commander of The British Empire....and he values that title so much he would never omit CBE behind his guessing now


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