Something for the Weekend: Apollo 11 - A tribute to Neil Armstrong

Rather longer than anything I've posted previously on Something for the Weekend, but you can always skip any tracks you don't like (don't miss the NASA clips between tracks though). The tribute was put together by 'Wildwood', who was clearly affected by Armstrong and his achievements in a similar way to me. He says:
"Neil Armstrong was as close to a hero as I've ever had.

The 1969 landing on the moon was about as exciting as anything could possibly be for a 6 year old boy. I had wall charts, posters, rocket toys, everything I could possibly gather. In later life he stayed an enigma, a gentle and wise soul who shunned the media spotlight and gave due credit to his fellow astronauts, engineers, scientists and everyone who contributed to the extraordinary Apollo missions.

The tracks are loosely themed around space and the moon, but they aren't connected to him in any particular way."


  1. Just knew that Space Oddity would be first on the list, John- and rightly so as it captures the atmosphere (not sure about the others)
    It may be my mis-spent youth but I will always associate those space images with Tangerine Dream's "Zeit" and "Alpha Centauri;" the audio equivalent of Valium.
    These themed compilations always remind me of the list of songs barred from the airwaves in the U.S. after the Twin Towers attacks- one of them being "Big ole' jet airliner" by the Steve Millar Band.

    1. Good grief, Tangerine Dream - not heard of them for a long time! (Probably for the best!)

      :-) the Steve Miller track!


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