Something for the Weekend: Jimi Hendrix - Machine Gun

When I realised that last Tuesday was the anniversary of the death of Jimi Hendrix, I decided I had to dedicate this weekend's post to him, but where on Earth do you start when choosing which Hendrix track/recording to post? In the end, I went for Machine Gun, recorded live by Band of Gypsys at Filmore East on the 1st of January 1970, and included on the Band of Gypsys album. As Wikipedia states:
"The Band of Gypsys performance is often lauded as Hendrix's finest, and is widely considered one of the finest electric guitar performances in the history of recorded music. The Band of Gypsys version of "Machine Gun" is roughly 12 minutes long. Hendrix's long guitar solos and percussive riffs combine with controlled feedback to simulate the sounds of a battlefield, such as helicopters, dropping bombs, explosions, machine guns, and the screams and cries of those wounded or grieving."
As Hendrix says at the end: "That's what we don't want to hear anymore." Unfortunately, we are still hearing it. Enjoy:


  1. Thanks for this John....I saw Jimi live on 5 occasions.....and they were breathtaking experiences

    1. Five times! Wish I had been old enough to go and see him...

      Glad you liked it.

  2. Thanks as well for posting this - although I prefer the subsequent versions played through 1970 - my favourites being those on the last European tour in August-September of that year.

    Knowing you like Hendrix, this gives me an opportunity to mention two JMH legal matters for your further study:

    As a Family Law practitioner you will probably know that the Hendrix estate has provoked continual litigation since his death - and "this one will run and run" - I wonder if JMH is in line for a posthumous prize from the American Bar Association for keeping so many of its members in gainful employment?

    Hendix's death has also been the subject of much debate; Caesar Glebbeek (who knows more than almost anybody about Hendrix) has published a book (Until We Meet Again The Last Days Of Jimi Hendrix) which includes a thorough dismantling of the falsehoods made about Hendrix's last few hours alive; it can be read here:

    1. Thanks for that. I hate the way the vultures and idiots descend after the death of a great person.

  3. Dynamite, John.

    @Anonymous- I'm jealous as hell.


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