THE FIRM: Chapter 1 - A Phone Call

SLAVER'S PLANTATION, Edgar Venal's villa on Mustique. The combined soporific effect of the sun and three mint juleps had sent Edgar off to sleep. His slumber didn't last long, however, as he was soon awoken again by a phone call.

It is Bill Devastator, Head of Security at Venal & Grabbit.

"Bill? What's the problem?" Asks Edgar, slightly concerned. He knows that Devastator would not disturb his vacation unless it was something serious.

"We've got a problem, Mr Venal." Replies Devastator.

"Oh?" Says Edgar, pouring himself another mint julep.

"It's McCheap. I think he's going to blow the whistle to The Firm."

Edgar takes a sip from his mint julep and ponders for a moment. Mike McCheap is Venal & Grabbit's newest Assistant Solicitor. A hot-shot young lawyer, Cambridge Law First, Legal Practice Course distinction, etc. Edgar had had big plans for him. He is disappointed. Why would McCheap go to The Firm?

The Firm. The mere thought of them made Edgar shudder. 'The Firm' was the euphemism for Venal & Grabbit's most infamous clients, Ronnie & Reggie Molotov. Ronnie and Reggie were notorious gangsters, legendary for their savagery against anyone who double-crossed them. Reggie had once delighted in telling Edgar how he had tortured a former gang member who had said bad things about him on Twitter, by making him watch an entire series of The Apprentice.

Edgar shuddered again.

What neither Reggie or Ronnie knew, however, was that for years Venal & Grabbit had been overcharging them (along with all of their other clients). If McCheap told them, Edgar would likely become Reggie's next victim.

Edgar took a longer swig from his mint julep.

"Mr Venal?" Asks Devastator. "You still there?"

"Yes Bill, I'm still here." Replies Edgar, taking an even longer swig.

"What do you want me to do about it?"

Edgar took another swig. "Take the appropriate action, Bill." He said, slurring slightly. "I'll be on the next plane back."

"Understood, Mr Venal." Replies Devastator. "I'll make sure he never gets to them."

"Good man." Says Edgar, ending the call. He looks down at his mint julep, and realises he has drunk it all.