Is any Jaag driver ever entirely trustworthy?

The wait is over. The much-anticipated Charon QC UK Law Tour begins today, with a podcast with Andrew Hopper QC, whose website tells us that:
"Andrew Hopper QC is selective as to the cases he will accept. He has to be satisfied that he will add value for the benefit of the client, and his involvement cannot routinely be justified on the basis of cost. His office is not open to the public and his telephone numbers are unlisted."
Should be interesting. Expect the podcast to go up later today, or tomorrow.

I understand that Charon QC is travelling to the podcast by train, rather than the 'Jag Rouge', which he will be using for most of the tour. I have had the honour of a short trip in the Jag and can confirm that it is impressive without being entirely sensible, in a classic Charon QC sort of way. It puts me in mind of this exchange on Top Gear: