THE FIRM: Chapter 6 - Seduced

AT THE OFFICES of Messrs. Venal & Grabbit, Solicitors, Mike McCheap is once again working late. In the adjacent room his secretary, Brenda Buxom, is struggling to keep up with his dictation. Since the cleaners left two hours ago, the two of them have been the only people in the office. Even Edgar Venal left early this evening, much to McCheap's surprise.

McCheap is pondering over a divorce file. It is pretty routine stuff - the client has declared himself bankrupt in order to defeat his wife's financial claims (the trick with such files is to stop the wife getting suspicious about how the client is paying his lawyer's fees). Despite it being routine, however, McCheap is finding it extremely difficult to concentrate on the file. His mind is cloudy and he feels slightly light-headed, almost as if he had been drinking.

What he does not know is that the coffee he has been sipping for the last four hours has been laced with vodka.

McCheap's reverie is interrupted by a noise and a scream from next door. He jumps up from his chair, but that makes the room spin a little. He shakes his head to clear it, and runs across to the door into Brenda's room.

He opens the door to find his secretary sprawled on the floor, holding her ankle. McCheap can't help noticing that her skirt is pulled up, exposing her slim legs.

"My stiletto." Says Brenda. "I caught it on the carpet. I think I've twisted my ankle."

McCheap bends down to assist his stricken secretary. As he does so, he notices three things: firstly, the overpowering scent that Brenda is wearing; secondly and thirdly, the ample view down the top of her dishevelled blouse.

Brenda looks up into McCheap's eyes. He thinks he sees her pout a little.

"I can't see what I've done." Says Brenda. "I need to remove my stocking. Will you help me?"

McCheap doesn't need a second invitation. He undoes the stocking from the suspenders and slides it down Brenda's leg. She lets out a little moan as he does so - he can't be sure whether in pain or pleasure.

He caresses the ankle with his hands. "No sign of injury." He says, breathing heavily.

"Oh good." Replies Brenda. She looks into McCheap's eyes again, grabs his tie and pulls him to her. He does not resist...

What McCheap also does not know is that there is a security camera in the ceiling, filming the entire scene.