No thanks, Google

Am I the only one who is getting increasingly irritated by the constant stream of adverts for dating agencies that fill my news feed and generally blight my browsing experience? Hardly a browsing session goes by without me being bombarded with them.

I presume that these delights are directed my way as a result of Google's profile of me (I have certainly never been to any of the sites - honest!). Hence, being over a 'certain age', I am a target in particular for 'mature dating' agencies. That's understandable, but if these people think I am attracted by the sight of some hideous middle-aged munter who is showing far too much of her over-ample flesh, then they are seriously mistaken. Far from feelings of desire, my overwhelming sensation is nausea, as I'm sure it would be if the situation were reversed (see above).

Now, I know I can probably take steps to rid myself of these adverts (although it will take considerably longer to recover from the trauma), but doubtless it will only be a matter of time before they return.

I assume that people in other 'target groups' get dating adverts in accordance with known attributes so that, for example, young women will get adverts with young men in them. However, there are clearly limitations to Google's knowledge - they regularly treat me to adverts for Christian and Muslim dating sites. Sorry Google, but I would rather have a date with the hideous munter.


  1. John

    Just go to and edit or remove the offending attributes. Today Google has my age right but thinks I'm female. I used to be a much older male, thankfully not also working at the BBC.

    Next I need to figure out how to tell Lastfm I detest Christian rock.

    1. Thanks Nick, but I've already opted-out.

      Christian rock? Sounds like my idea of hell...

    2. Sorry, its the brave new world. You can't opt out.

  2. We must be a similar age, John. Mine are all "mature ladies in your area" too, although some of them look pretty good.

    I don't like them reminding me of my age group; as Ozzy Osbourne once said on a similar theme, "My head knows I'm nearly sixty but my arse still thinks I'm twenty one."

    Christian rock.. is that not an oxymoron?

  3. Goodness knows how many ladies you'll have excited with that graphic, John! ;-)

    The commuter sat next to me on the journey home this evening certainly took an interest in it when I flicked through your latest posts via Google Reader. I nearly offered to pass my phone to her so she could have a proper gawp.

    1. I'm not surprised. After all, she's only human.


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