THE FIRM: Chapter 10 - The Plan

MIKE MCCHEAP has been thinking about Bill Devastator's threat to show the film of him and Brenda Buxom to his wife. Clearly, he can't now go to the police, but what should he do?

He had to find a way to get out of this mess. He was, after all, a top lawyer and therefore an expert in the art of cunning, so surely he could come up with a plan?

Then it dawned on him.

Ever since he had begun work at Venal & Grabbit he had known that they overcharged their clients. Of course, like any good lawyer he was quite happy with this (after all, if they didn't overcharge, they couldn't afford to pay him so much), but what if they also overcharged The Firm?

The Firm would take a pretty dim view of that.

It would be easy enough to check. McCheap knew that Edgar Venal had just finished dealing with Ronnie Molotov's divorce from his fourth wife, Chardonnay. It had been a very successful outcome, not that it had ever been in doubt after the judge received threats of severe violence from The Firm.

All McCheap had to do was check the bill against the time recording.

Sure enough, the figures on the bill bore as much relation to the figures on the time recording as a headline in a tabloid did to actual news.

McCheap set about printing off bills and time sheets for a selection of files in which Venal & Grabbit had acted for The Firm. Once he had gathered enough evidence, he would make an appointment with Ronnie and Reggie Molotov...

*            *            *

Naturally, McCheap's activity comes to the attention of the all-seeing Bill Devastator, Head of Security at Venal & Grabbit. He soon puts two and two together (not an easy task for a former police officer), and realises what McCheap is up to.

He decides to make a phone call to Edgar Venal, who is currently on vacation at his villa on Mustique...