THE FIRM: Chapter 11 - The Hitman

AT THE OFFICES of Messrs. Venal & Grabbit, Solicitors, Mike McCheap has finished printing off all of the evidence he needs.

It's time to go and see Ronnie and Reggie Molotov.

He stuffs the papers into his briefcase and hurries out of the office.

What he does not yet know is that he is being followed...

*            *            *

Ronnie and Reggie Molotov have recently moved into their new luxury apartment on the sixty-fifth floor of The Shard, London Bridge (they have always liked to look down on others). Such prestigious apartments are only sold to the right kind of person, the sellers being "extremely selective" when choosing the people they wanted to do business with.

McCheap is taking the tube to London Bridge. He looks behind him before he enters the station, but can't see anyone he recognises. Satisfied that no one is following him, he enters the station.

What he has not noticed is a highly-suspicious looking tall blond man who IS following him.

What he does not know, even if he had noticed him, is that the Blond Man is Venal & Grabbit's resident hitman.

*            *            *

McCheap pushes his way on to the crowded platform. He looks up at the display and sees that his train is due next.

He makes his way through the crowd towards the platform edge, to make sure he gets on the train when it arrives. He occasionally glances behind him, but still does not notice the Blond Man, despite him sticking out like a sore thumb and looking highly-suspicious.

McCheap hears the train approaching. He looks down to make sure he is not too close to the platform edge, and notices that one of his shoe laces is undone. He bends down to tie it. As he does so, the Blond Man lunges at him.

The Blond Man flies over the top of the crouched McCheap and lands on the track in front of the on-coming train.

What McCheap DOES now know, although he would rather he didn't, is what it's like to see a highly-suspicious tall Blond Man get run over by a tube train.


  1. I trust Mr Venal will be paying adequate compensation to the victim's family in circumstances where the flying blond was clearly on V&G business when he died so tragically carrying out his duties.

    1. I passed your comment to him. He replied: "Tell that unpleasant @JudithsDivorce that I deny all knowledge".


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