Eileen Munro says social workers must ‘explain more’ after Ukip case

Professor Munro
It was reported yesterday by The Independent that Professor Eileen Munro has told the newspaper that the 'culture of secrecy' around their decisions is making social workers look 'idiotic', and that they must be more willing to explain their decisions, in order to prevent this.

Professor Munro's comments are in response to the recent Ukip fostering row. She is quoted as saying:
"I haven’t read anywhere the reasoning for removing those children. I can’t think it was as simple as saying ‘well they belong to Ukip, therefore they can’t foster children’. That’s far too naive a line of reasoning. The social workers must have had a more complicated line of thought."
She went on:
"What I would like to see is that we get better at explaining our reasoning so the public can be reassured they were well-reasoned conclusions."
The full report in The Independent can be read here.