GPs in the crossfire

Medical records
The Guardian reports today that increasing numbers of GPs are seeking advice on whether they should give information to separated parents, as they get caught in the crossfire between separating couples.

The Medical Protection Society says there has been a steep increase in calls from GPs concerned about requests for access to children's medical information from separated parents. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the requests usually come from fathers who do not have the child living with them, and some GPs are concerned as to their motivation, for example some are apparently seeking to find the mother's address, or whether she has a new partner.

A 'medico-legal adviser' for the MPS is quoted as saying:
"The interests of the child are paramount at all times. In most cases the request for access is well intentioned and reasonable, but it is important that all requests for access to a child's records are dealt with fairly and in line with the relevant professional guidance and legislation."
The Guardian report can be found here.