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Old John's Almanac 2015

A Review of the Year

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, unfortunately

SS v NS: The principles on an application for spousal maintenance

Cohabitation law reform is at least a decade overdue says leading family charity

Blogging Bomb

R v R: Kafkaesque

Christmas single released by Kids in the Middle charity as nearly one in two children in the UK now live in separated families

AM v SS: The proper weight to give to valuable resources which do not belong to one of the parties


Better than Xmas shopping

Confused couples to be helped by new quality mark for family mediators

Family Lore Clinic: Can I disagree with an overnight contact order in court?

Heroes and heroines


A better way to divorce

Mini Book Review: Financial Remedies Practice, 2015 Edition

Take your mind off the by-election

Lunar Mission One: Get involved

Family Lore Clinic: Enforcing a consent order after the other party has died

Costs Cap

Committal judgments should be published

Jamboree bag*

J v J: Something must be done

Internet Newsletter for Lawyers November/December 2014

Cases, cases...

There should be no order for costs in children's proceedings absent unreasonable behaviour in the conduct of the litigation

Family Lore Clinic: Am I still able to claim half of my ex's pension if he remarries, as we don't have a clean break agreement?

As true now as it was in January...

Separating couples get vital new tool to resolve post-separation futures - without a courtroom drama

Munby puts the boot in...

Of ornithology and omnibuses

Justice Minister visits largest mediation provider as new ‘free mediation’ scheme is set to begin

As a divorce lawyer, I could not possibly approve of this shampoo commercial

Jack Bruce

Bad ideas, and other things