Friday Review: A couple of things...

The avalanche of new guidance emanating from the chambers of our esteemed president continues apace. In an effort to counter the charge that the family court is 'a system of secret and unaccountable justice', he has issued guidance aimed at increasing the number of published judgments, both of the family courts and the Court of Protection. I suppose this may help satisfy some of the more reasonable detractors of the family justice system, but I doubt that it will do much to assuage the hard-liners of the 'secret family courts' brigade. Anyway, the good news, as set out in paragraph seven of this guidance, is that there will be yet more guidance to follow. I can't wait.

I was pleased to read on the BBC today the Director of Community Services at Coventry City Council Brian Walsh state that he could never give assurances that the Daniel Pelka case could never happen again. Why am I pleased? Because I am fed up with the constant stream of platitudes from politicians and the media along the lines of: "we must ensure that this never happens again!" That may sound impressive to the average voter or reader, but it is, of course, complete nonsense. It is impossible to prevent these things ever happening again. As Mr Walsh says, social care is not a science - all we can do is continually try to improve the system. To give the public false expectations of perfection is to perpetuate ignorance, which will only lead to further damaging furores when the next child deaths inevitably occur.

Have a good weekend.