Thursday Review: Not fit for purpose

It was pleasing to see that the Ministry of Justice’s proposals to increase court fees have been condemned as "not fit for purpose" by an internal government review. I'm not honestly sure as to the implications of this, and whether it is likely to lead to any back-tracking by Mr Grayling and his minions. However, even if does not, it certainly gives ammunition to his opponents, as mentioned in this article in The Guardian.

I have probably spent too much time this week reading the Daily Mail, but a story today caught my eye. It is bad enough being harassed online by your own former clients when they are unhappy with your services (as happened to the victims of a certain former website), but when fathers' rights activist Tim Line was unhappy about losing contact with his children he decided to harass his ex-wife's solicitor. Needless to say, the court took a pretty dim view of this, and Mr Line was the recipient of a four week suspended sentence, a restraining order and a £480 costs order.

I will finish with an exchange that occurred earlier this week on Twitter between two family lawyers of whom you may have heard previously. It began with a reference to Sir Paul Coleridge's Marriage Foundation's recommendation to Iain Duncan Smith that the state should encourage cohabitants to marry, a story I mentioned here in my Tuesday Review. We then got this excellent suggestion:
To which came this equally excellent reply:

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday.


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