Wednesday Review: Nasty

As I asked on Twitter, is there any limit to Tory nastinesss? Not content with attacking immigrants, benefit claimants and various others who do not fit in with their warped ideals, Tory MPs have now turned their bile upon couples who separate or divorce, according to this story in The Telegraph. Sir James Gerald Douglas Howarth (known as Gerald Howarth), member of Parliament for Aldershot, advises us that "for the sake of the country" we should be more “judgemental” and criticise parents who split up. Because, of course, they only do it so that they can screw some money out of the hardworking taxpayer.

Moving swiftly on from that, the Family Rights Group has warned that cuts to local domestic abuse services, compounded by welfare reforms, are putting families at risk of being split up by having their children put into care. They say that their data suggests that, rather than providing mothers who are victims of domestic violence with specialist help, the state is preferring to remove their children from them. Another consequence of this Government's policies?

Someone who I'm sure would be interested in that is the ubiquitous John Hemming MP, who is again in the news, although I have only found this particular story in the Press Gazette. Hemming makes what appears to me the reasonable point that the listing system in the family courts and the Court of Protection prevents journalists from identifying cases of significant public interest, unless they are made aware of the nature of a hearing by one of the parties. He suggests that instead of being listed by number or letter, cases be listed by topic. An interesting idea.