Tuesday Review: Coffins and quotes

Another nail has been firmly hammered into the coffin of the Government's 'Mediation can replace legal aid' policy by the response to Lawyer Supported Mediation's latest Freedom of Information request from the Ministry of Justice. Of course, it won't be until the policy is securely six feet under that the Government finally admits that the whole thing was a ghastly mistake. By then, of course, it will be far too late for legal aid to be resurrected.

Meanwhile, I shall report these two quotes with no comment. Firstly, the latest court statistics, for July to September last year, show that: "The average time for the disposal of a care or supervision application continued to drop to 36 weeks (down 25% from July to September 2012 and down 34% from July to September 2011)." Secondly, in the care proceedings case Re NL (A Child) Mrs Justice Pauffley has pointed out that: "Justice must never be sacrificed upon the altar of speed."

I shall finish with an excellent, albeit now somewhat belated, idea for Valentine's Day: