Friday Review: A busy week

So, our brave footballers are back on home soil, having failed to reach the second round of the World Cup, unlike those footballing giant nations such as Costa Rica, Switzerland and Algeria. This video, which appears to be going viral, suggests that for some England supporters getting through was not the only reason they wanted them to win:

Moving on, on Bailii this morning I came across what to my knowledge is the first reported case where a child arrangements order was made. H v F (Relocation) concluded with Mr Justice Peter Jackson making a child arrangements order in favour of the mother (the relocation aspect being due to the fact that she intended to return to her native New Zealand).

Otherwise, it has been quite a busy week for family law news. The following stories in particular caught my attention:
No prizes for spotting the common theme in those three stories.

As for myself, I have been posting as usual on Marilyn Stowe's Family Law & Divorce Blog, including the following:

With that, I will bid you a good weekend.