An outsider looks in

No longer practising, I am now an outsider to the legal profession in general, and the family justice system in particular (I sometimes feel that I was always an outsider). Accordingly, perhaps I might occasionally say what insiders might not. Whether that was the case in any of the posts I wrote for Marilyn Stowe’s Family Law & Divorce Blog this week, I will leave you to judge:

Child contact centres: an essential resource - Contact centres are closing. It is essential that we save them. The NACCC has launched a National Awareness Campaign.

What is family law for? - Well, someone had to ask the question.

We must still oppose these fee increases - Despite the fact that the Government has decided not to proceed with the divorce fee increase, we must still oppose the Government's other fee increase proposals.

Enforcing contact orders - With reference to the case H-R (Children).

Have a good weekend.