Even I can be wrong sometimes...

It doesn't happen very often, but even I can occasionally be wrong about something. I'm big enough to admit it, as with my first post this week on Marilyn Stowe’s Family Law & Divorce Blog. Of course,I am absolutely right in everything I say in the other three posts:

Clare’s Law: I take it all back (well, some of it) - Whilst I am of course happy that the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme appears to be working, I do still have some reservations about it.

Government spin on child maintenance fails to tell the whole story - The DWP can't hide the true scandal of £2.9 billion of 'uncollectable' child support arrears.

Piecemeal reform continues unabated - The Financial Remedies Working Group tinkers with, well, financial remedies.

Adverse inferences - As in the recent case Rabia v Rabia.

Have a good weekend.