I've got nothing to say but it's OK

I thought I would join in with the trend of using song lyrics for a post title (OK, I admit I used to be guilty it myself many moons ago). As for the above words, well I haven't posted much hereabouts this week as I have said everything I wanted to over on Marilyn Stowe’s Family Law & Divorce Blog, including the following:

The essence of a Hague Convention case - The judgment of Lord Justice Davis in U-B (A Child). (Please note that the emboldening of various expressions in the post was not my idea.)

The reality of child abduction to this country - Following on from the above, I look at some statistics.

Is centralised divorce really going to create a better system? - A post that, well, asks that question, in the light of the latest information from HMCTS. (Again, note that the various emboldened (and italicised) expressions in the post are not mine.)

It almost certainly doesn’t matter why the marriage broke down - A thought that occurred whilst reading the latest judgment in Lindner v Rawlins (note that the words 'almost certainly' were in my original title to the post, for good reason).

Have a good weekend.