Life is short. Definitely don't have an affair.


London, 8th February 2015: Venal & Grabbit, the country's top divorce lawyers, wish to make it clear that in no way do they endorse the extra-marital affair dating website Ashley Madison.

Senior Partner Lord Edgar Venal said: "The news in the Independent today that one million Britons have signed up to the Ashley Madison website is quite shocking.

"I am utterly appalled about the website Ashley Madison. The idea of a site like Ashley Madison that will arrange an illicit affair for you without your spouse knowing anything whatsoever about it is quite abhorrent. And, despite the fact that their fees are exceptionally reasonable, there is no way that I could possibly endorse a site like Ashley Madison.

"I'm sure that some people might find an illicit affair of the type that Ashley Madison arrange to be highly pleasurable and a break from the utter tedium of life with their spouse, but there is no way that I would agree with that.

"In short I would say: whatever you do, do not be tempted by the extremely discreet extra-marital affair dating website Ashley Madison."