Replacing the old with the new

You wouldn't think it looking around here but it's been a pretty busy week, mostly to do with replacing the old with the new, which is always interesting, if a little daunting as you get older yourself. Not that our esteemed President seems at all daunted by the prospect, as we will see in one of the posts I wrote this week on Marilyn Stowe’s Family Law & Divorce Blog, which included the following:

Judicial reality check - From Mr Justice Holman.

The President is excited about the future, are you? - The President envisages cloud-based family dispute resolution (once again, please ignore all the emboldening in the post).

Another judicial reality check - This time from Senior Judge Lush in Re BN.

Court orders must still be obeyed - As confirmed by Mr Justice Keehan in HU v SU.

Have a good weekend.