Far more interesting than electioneering...

... not that that would be difficult. Why not take a break from the banalities of politicians' pontifications and head over to Marilyn Stowe’s Family Law & Divorce Blog, where my posts this week include the following:

Transparency, transparency - Is it the universal panacea that will solve the image problem of the family justice system?

CS v ACS: Profoundly unsatisfactory - The words of the President in CS v ACS & Anor, referring to the procedural minefield involved in re-opening first instance orders in financial remedy proceedings.

Law on the cheap - Another example of how the Government has failed to think through its justice reforms (see also this post).

ABC v PM: A question of notice - Looking at Mr Justice Moor's decision in ABC v PM & Anor.

(As always, please ignore any emboldening in the posts.)

Have a good weekend.