Friday, June 05, 2015

Book Review: At A Glance 2015-2016

At A Glance

Essential Tables for Financial Remedies


£60 - Published by Class Legal

Can it really be a year since I reviewed the last edition of At A Glance? Well, no, it's just over eleven months, actually. I know the years seem to get shorter as you get older, but quite why the last one was a month less for this publication, I can't say.

Moving swiftly on, At A Glance needs no introduction. Notwithstanding this, I shall give it one anyway, albeit a brief one. At A Glance has been published annually since 1992, with the intention of putting essential facts and figures at the fingertips of financial remedies practitioners, in one handy volume (which, unlike most legal texts, attempts to remain handy by not increasing in size every year). Such has been its success that it occupies a spot on the bookshelf or in the briefcase/bag of every family law judge or lawyer worth their salt.

So, what is new or different about this edition (save, of course, for the updating of the contents)? Well, the first thing I noticed upon opening the cover is that the number of 'essential tables' has reduced, from 32 to 30. However, this does not necessarily mean we are getting less. The old House Price Index and Mortgage Costs tables have been merged into one 'Housing Costs' table. On the other hand, the old Annuities table has gone, its passing explained in the Preface as being a consequence of the pension changes in April.

As to the other materials contained in At A Glance, these are as before, with the only difference I noted that the section on the President's Guidance on cases allocated to a High Court judge now has a new heading ('Efficient Conduct of Final Hearings') and also now includes the certificate referred to in the guidance.

One last thing: if you are one of those who usually ignores the Preface to any new volume they acquire, please do at least find the time to read the last three paragraphs of the Preface in this volume, in which the merits and logical consequences of the Law Society's pet pre-nup initiative are discussed. I, for one, look forward to the suggested Pet Care Costs Corner table appearing in next year's edition.

At A Glance can be purchased (at the slightly higher but still very reasonable price of £60) from Class Legal, here.

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