Priceless Father’s Day gift for divorcing Dads who open their eyes to alternative to court

Dads who face the misery of divorce or separation can secure a priceless gift this Father’s Day, says a national charity.

“Most fathers think the only way to manage their divorce is a solicitor-led courtroom battle with their ex,” says Jane Robey, Chief Executive of National Family Mediation.

“Dads who open their eyes to a different way of doing things will find a Father’s Day gift tailored not just for them, but for all members of the family.

“If you go to court you’re likely to still be battling it out NEXT Father’s Day, because statistics show it can take an average of 435 days to resolve a divorce taking that route.

“All this time you’ll experience heat, bluster, resentment and, ultimately, a settlement that could suit nobody. If you use mediation, things can be settled long before winter sets in, with solutions geared to your family’s needs.

“Taking the chance to influence the shape of your separated family for the next few years is a gift that money can’t buy,” she added.

Expert professional family mediators help separating couples agree settlements on property, finance and parenting issues without the need for a courtroom drama. National Family Mediation achieves full agreement in over 80 per cent of cases.

National Audit Office figures on legally-aided mediation show family mediation is four times quicker than using the court route, typically taking 110 days - compared with 435 days for court cases.

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