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Surge in non-molestation orders since LASPO

A week full of interest

Research published on self-employed child maintenance paying parents


News Essentials: 26th October 2015

Disagreements and divisions

Human Rights Explained In A Beautiful Two Minute Animation

News Essentials: 19th October 2015

Don't mention Sharland and Gohil...

Adversarial divorce settlement process is bound to lead to fraud

Lord Wilson hands down Supreme Court judgment in Gohil v Gohil

Lady Hale hands down Supreme Court judgment in Sharland v Sharland

Sharland/Gohil - Comment from Resolution

Sharland and Gohil: Appeals allowed

Coram - a dazzling celebration of 275 years of helping children

Coram Children’s Legal Centre (CCLC) welcomes guidance for social workers on assessing the age of refugee children

The Family Mediation Council announces its strategy for professional self-regulation, a new system of accreditation and a public register of practising family mediators

News Essentials: 12th October 2015

Thoughts on family law

Never a shortage of guidance

J (Children): No contempt when impossible to fulfil order

News Essentials: 5th October 2015

As it was on the Marilyn Stowe Blog this week