Monday, November 16, 2015

News Essentials: 16th November 2015

A brief summary of the essential family law news and cases from the last week:

Court of Appeal rules on liability of councils for foster care abuse
The Court of Appeal has handed down a key ruling on the liability of councils for foster care abuse, concluding that local authorities do not owe a child in such care a non-delegable duty. Full story: Local Government Lawyer. See NA v Nottinghamshire County Council, below.

Domestic violence victims 'put at risk' by erratic handling of cases
HMIC says dangers to vulnerable witnesses not properly dealt with in a third of cases, including instances of racial abuse. Full story: The Guardian.

Care applications in October 2015
In October 2015, Cafcass received a total of 1,079 care applications.  This figure represents a 7% increase compared to those received in October 2014. Full story: Cafcass.

Cafcass private law demand
In October 2015, Cafcass received a total of 3,311 new private law cases.  This is a 2% decrease on October 2014 levels. Full story: Cafcass.

The Family Procedure (Amendment No. 3) Rules 2015
These Rules amend the Family Procedure Rules 2010. Statutory Instrument. For details, see here.

Ramadani v Ramadani [2015] EWCA Civ 1138 (12 November 2015)
Appeal considering the jurisdiction of a court in England and Wales to entertain an application for spousal maintenance in the context of the Maintenance Regulation following previous proceedings in another EU member state. Full report: Bailii.

NA v Nottingham County Council [2015] EWCA Civ 1139 (12 November 2015)
Appeal concerning liability of local authority for abuse suffered by child whilst in foster care. Full report: Bailii.

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