Old John's Almanac 2016

Without further ado, here are my predictions for 2016:

January - To general amazement, 'Divorce Day' passes without a single law firm using it to advertise their services.

February - In a speech to Women's Aid Family Justice Minister Caroline Dinenage tells her audience that "domestic violence really isn't a very nice thing."

March - Sir Paul Coleridge of the Marriage Foundation gives an interview to The Times, in which he explains that marriage can solve global warming, defeat ISIS and cure cancer.

April - As part of the transparency drive the President of the Family Division announces that all family proceedings will in future be conducted by Judge Rinder on ITV.

May - The President of the Family Division issues new Guidance "to cover all the bits that weren't covered by previous guidance".

June - Fathers' rights group the Real Families Need Fathers4Justice stage a protest somewhere, apparently.

July - As the child support debt reaches £1 trillion, the Government announces new reforms to the child support system that "really will work this time, honest."

August - The world of family law is in shock as Suesspiciousminds fails to write a post about one of the cases reported this month.

September - The Ministry of Justice announces that it is increasing the fee on a divorce petition to £10,000, as people getting divorced "must continue to play their part in the national effort to reduce public spending, eliminate the deficit and reduce the national debt."

October - Caroline Dinenage MP is sacked from her position as Family Justice Minister after she fails to mention the word 'mediation' in an interview with the media.

November - Work at the Bury St Edmunds divorce centre grinds to a halt as the production line breaks down.

December - There is incredulity amongst family lawyers as Christopher Booker actually gets a story right.

Happy New Year!