‘Divorce Month’ January is not a media myth, says family charity

Jane Robey
Staff at a leading family charity say the idea January is ‘Divorce Month’ is alive and kicking after calls to its specialist helpline and website visits went through the roof in the first two weeks of 2016.

Statistics from National Family Mediation (NFM) show that whilst visits to www.nfm.org.uk had reached an all-time high in January 2015, this month’s figures have so far seen an increase of some 40 per cent even over last year’s peak. And calls to the charity’s 0300 4000 636 dispute resolution hotline have risen in January by 26 per cent compared with a year ago.

“Our analysis shows the idea that January is “Divorce Month” is no media myth, but a proven phenomenon,” says Jane Robey, NFM’s Chief Executive.

“Our experts are helping more families in crisis than ever before and it’s a challenge to meet the soaring demand.”

NFM is England and Wales’ largest provider of family mediation, enabling couples to find an alternative to the ‘traditional’ post-divorce route of a courtroom battle.

Although the most recent figures from Cafcass showed a small increase in private law cases coming to the courts, Jane Robey believes the soaring approaches to National Family Mediation reflects the changing way couples approach their divorce.

“People are increasingly self-researching their options, cogitating, calculating and considering the most productive next steps, rather than heading straight to a lawyer,” she says.

“Research shows family mediation is cheaper, quicker and produces better outcomes than using the legal route. Families can keep control of vital day-to-day arrangements for finance, property and parenting, agreeing long-term solutions that are based on the family members’ unique circumstances, rather than being determined by a family court judge.”

National Family Mediation’s expert professionals achieve full agreement in over 80 per cent of cases.

People who want to find out more about how family mediation can help them after divorce or separation can call 0300 4000 636 or visit www.nfm.org.uk

For more information or to arrange an interview contact Richard Wyatt, NFM PR & Marketing Manager by replying to this email or by phone  0300 4000 636 (usually available weekday mornings)


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