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News Essentials: 29th February 2016

A wife who is not expected to work, child outcomes and child cases...

Family Court Transparency Charity publish guidance on use of “voluntary” accommodation of children

News Essentials: 22nd February 2016

Data shows success of government-funded project helping warring couples negotiate settlements

Rapp v Sarre: A needs case, not conduct

Family law: A force for good

Resolution response to Court of Appeal ruling on legal aid for domestic violence victims

News Essentials: 15th February 2016

Debunking the Marriage Foundation, and more

D (Children): Order for indefinite supervision of contact not wrong in principle

Resolution condemns government court closure plan

News Essentials: 8th February 2016

Aburn v Aburn: Appeal allowed against advance variation of periodical payments order

Better debate on family law reform, and 3 children cases

The Syndrome: Screening on 29.2.16

In the matter of B (a child): Appeal allowed

News Essentials: 1st February 2016